Lordsburg Lithium Project
Exploration Project

About Lordsburg

Lordsburg comprises 291 BLM claims covering 25km2 and is located in the southwest corner of the state of New Mexico and is easily accessed along the I10 Interstate between Tucson (Arizona) and La Cruces (New Mexico) close to the New Mexico, Arizona border. Rail lines pass to the north of the Claim Block and through the lake system to the south. The Lordsburg Playa system is approximately 15km to the southwest of the town of Lordsburg and lies at an elevation of 1,200m above mean sea level. The Lordsburg Project sits within the playa lake system at the northernmost end of the Animas Valley, southwest New Mexico. The basin is an elongated feature bounded to the west by the Peloncillo mountains and to the east by the Pyramid mountains. The basin comprises clays, silts and sands, similar to the lithological sequence in the Clayton Valley. Further there is anecdotal evidence that highly saline fluids were intersected in a historical stock water well located in the basin.

saskatchewan, canada

Resource Size 5.7 MT

Resource Type Brine

Arizona, USA

Resource Size 330 KT

Resource Type Sedimentary